Saturday, February 21, 2009

NEW POLL: Warning, DVD is Coming!

The DVD of Australia will be released in USA in March, and Down Under in April for those who missed it on the big screen. After terrible box office results in USA, I am wondering why they are bothering with a DVD release there at all. Perhaps they are hoping it will find a new market with the home theatre crowd. 

A new Poll on Nicole Kidman's Journey starts today. Let us know if you think all DVD copies should be destroyed. Or perhaps you might be one of the odd few who enjoyed it and plan to borrow the one copy that will be kept in the world. This copy will be used as an example of how to make a bad film.

Vote now on the right hand corner of this Blog!  Also, feel free to comment on the sort of special features a DVD like this should contain. FOR EXAMPLE: 
  1. Exclusive footage of Nicole applying Botox behind the scenes
  2. Nicole secretly filmed swimming naked in the fertility waters
  3. Interviews with cast and crew about how they tolerated Nicole's rants and raves
  4. Nicole discussing the hot temperatures she had to work in. In this interview, Nicole accidentally reveals that the glue holding her wig in place would often melt because of the hot weather, and run into her eyes and ears.
Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Why is dvd coming out in Oz after America. Is that because if it doesnt sell, they can just ship all the unused copies to Oz? Saves them money I guess.

I think a good special feature would be of Hugh behind the scenes getting all his gear off. that would definitely help sell copies. The less seen of nicole the better thanks.

maclen said...

KIdman dvds are about as popular as I dont know... a visit to the dentist? I can recall Human stain or birth... or one of her ultra flops...the dvd didnt come out for over a year after its release.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think there are people out there interested in seeing this NK specimen... Give her a break, she's striving to regain the beauty stature desperately with artificial means gaining tons of ridicule and laughter. She's lost the respect of serious fan base she had, lost her ability to focus as an actress, and in spite of it all, lost her beauty (hideous to freakish) or the very thing she apparently had gambled everything away to preserve....

Anonymous said...

I will be buying it, just so I can use the disc as a coaster. I wouldn't mind some special features though on footage of Fox studios yelling at Baz to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if Nicole reads this Blog? If she does she'd be bloody offended by it. I am.

Anonymous said...

Special Features I'd like to see:-
- The 'Australia Song' on Youtube.
- An interview with Germaine Greer.
- Interactive game: Can you make Nicole Kidman move her face?
- Hugh Jackman's shower scene extended footage.
- Baz Lurhmann's cheese recipe.
- 'A load of Bull' Cattle drive featurette
- 'Australia' at the Oscars featurette (2 secs)
- Hugh Jackman takes a bath.
- Trailers for Ishtar, Heaven's Gate & Battlefield Earth.

CHOICE said...

ANON 3.28pm
Excellent inclusions you have suggested. Thanks for the laughs.
Keep 'em coming! The best suggestions win a life-like Nicole Kidman doll + a lifetime supply of botox.

not anon said...

Choice I was going to post a suggestion but now you've put the fear of God into me.

CHOIC said...
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CHOICE said...

The prizes can be substituted for cash LOL

cricket said...

I think the DVD should come with the ability to edit Kidman out of it. Then maybe it would be worth watching.

maclen said...

So, on the subject of jackman's one and only joke on that I paraphrased it at UM...On award worthy roles..."English" winslet played a german in The Reader: Nominated..."american" downy jr. plays an aussie, playing a black man...(or more hilariously, downy's line from the movie..."Im a dude playing another dude, disguised as another dude!")... and "Australian" jackman movie called "Australia?": Hosting! As for the "Musicals are back!" number, unconvincingly "lip sinked" by jackman and beyonce...a tired mish mash of Grease/Cabaret/ABBA bits by the sheepish looking bazz, considered a low point in many reviews of the show ive seen so far... and kidman's tribute to nominee jolie? Bland, dull and unemotional, delivered with a cold lifeless monotone. The Aussies were 2/3...and until the ratings come in tommorrow, how jackman fared will be revealed.