Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keith: Do not speak to anyone without my permission!

Nicole Kidman tore strips off hubby Keith Urban at the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party for congratulating Penelope Cruz on winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Why? Two reasons, my dears. 
  1. Nic was jealous of Penny winning, and didn't want her hubby making Penny feel any better about her award than she already was. For anyone who hasn't seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Penny did a pretty good job of the psycho ex-wife who hates to chuck a tantrum. Did she deserve an Oscar? Who really cares, as long as it pisses off Nicole, that is pretty funny! But poor Keith being told off just for being nice to someone is as off as ten day old custard. Who wears the pants in that family, pray tell? By the way, I loved the way Penny wouldn't let go of her Oscar all night. Well, probably not a bad thing with a jealous person running around.

  2. Secondly, Nic ripped into Keith because Penny is Tom's ex lover, and is the first woman he hooked up with after he gave Nic her marching orders to join a nunnery in Sydney. 
It certainly makes you realise how tense the set of Nine must have been with these two cats going for it.  Here kitty, kitty ...


Neicey said...

Oh thank god! Lainey posted two items yesterday. One true, one false.

One was about this story - the other was Paris Hilton giving Rob Pattinson a BJ.

You made my day!

(not a twi-hard, I promise!)

Anonymous said...

That Penelope cruz is an absolute spanish cow in real life. It would have been fantastic if these two got in a punch up at the Vanity Fair Party. Imagine Nic with her wig pulled out?