Friday, December 17, 2010

Should this Blog end in light of Kidman's recent rave reviews?

Kidman and Eckhart in a scene from 'Rabbit Hole'.
INSET: With Director John Michael Cameron
Rabbit Hole opens in cinemas in limited release in US today. Other countries will follow shortly. Nicole's performance as a grieving mother has earned her Golden Globe and SAG nominations this week. Such nominations are considered very good chances to earning an Oscar nomination.

Nicole has obviously taken on board many of the criticisms about her acting and immobile face, and worked hard to deliver a performance that many are raving about. If she is able to win an Oscar, we will seriously consider discontinuing this Blog. Why? In respect of her being able to turn her career around when we honestly thought she wouldn't. We criticised her endlessly and announced that her career was well and truly dead.

This Blog attracts many readers, and we appreciate that. You are welcome to vote on a new Poll on whether Nicole Kidman's Journey should continue or not. A firm decision will be made in the new year based on feedback (and how Nicole fares in all of these upcoming awards).  Thank you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Still Call Australia Home (even though I refuse to live there!)

Oprah's skirt was quite Un-Australian.
Perhaps next time ask Nicole if you can borrow one of her see-through gowns.

"Hey guys, my skirt is not that funny, is it?
I had a lot of curtain material left over, you see"
The Kurbans joined Oprah and other Aussie stars on stage yesterday to sing the Peter Allen classic "I Still Call Australia Home". It's all part of Oprah's Down Under Specials filmed at the Sydney Opera House. Russell Crowe was the only Aussie on stage who actually lives here (so he probably didn't really need to sing it).

Olivia Neutron-Bomb, Hugh Jackman and the Kurbans are all famous for raving about our wonderful country, but prefer to live in America ... for work reasons, of course. Ex-patriots want the best of both worlds when it suits them.

Love Olivia, but looks like she borrowed some of Nicole's Botox supply. Just saying.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Keith's shirtless balcony display for Sydney

TOP 3: Sydney shirtless shots
BOTTOM: Infamous nude shot with guitar from many years ago
Sometimes Mr Kidman scrubs up quite good, especially from a distance. It hides the wrinkles and the years of heavy drinking and boozing.  He definitely looks yummy in the top shot, some definition happening as he works out on their Sydney balcony. BUT ... only a celebrity would wear his hairpiece while working out. Give it up Keith! Shane proudly sports his bald head, we dare you to as well.

As you would expect, Granny Freeze popped in for one of these shots to ensure Keith didn't steal all of the attention.  These fame whores have once again proven that even at their Sydney hideaway, they want attention from the Paps - otherwise they would have replaced the glass screen. Do the Kurbans like attention ... much? You betcha!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

They're back!

Oprah just realised the freaks are in town too
The Kurbans are back Down Under to appear on Oprah's Australian TV specials this week! Brace yourself fellow Australians for more boring banter from these two ex-patriots. Guaranteed they will behave like they are so proud to be Aussies, and will rave about how they were so lucky to find one another ... bla, bla, bla. Why can't Nicole tell us something interesting for a change. For example ... how involved is the surrogate mother in Sunday Roast's life? Or how much Viagra does Keith need to get excited over Nicole in the nude? Now that would make for a more interesting show.

In the meantime, keep in mind Oprah that Australians don't care much for Kidman, and don't buy Keith's records for that matter either. In case you didn't know Oprah: Nicole has not lived in Australia since 1990 because it is not good enough for her, despite what she may tell you. Couldn't you get better guests on your show, Oprah? How about Toni Collette, Cate Blanchette or Guy Pierce? They actually live in Australia so it would make your Aussie TV shows that much more authentic. Da ya think people wanna see Granny Freeze on ya show every other month? No way! Unless we start hearing the real truth about her corny life.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rabbit Hole Premiere: New York

LEFT: With Shorty   RIGHT: With co-stars from "Rabbit Hole"
It's been a big week for Nicole and Keith. Appearing on Oprah the other day, and The Rabbit Hole premiere in New York last night.  Nicole is still being tipped for a second Oscar despite the botox jokes still going full force. Some reviewers claim it is the first time in ages her face has some movement. Perhaps they watched  different trailers/scenes to us.  Interestingly, our latest Poll results are showing that many people don't think she stands a chance of a second Oscar.

Entertainment Weekly released an article this week titled "The Return of Nicole Kidman's Face" - see details here. Do you believe she took a holiday from botox during filming of Rabbit Hole?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nicole saved my life (Keith on Oprah). Throw up time!

TOP: The Kurbans on Oprah Show this week
LEFT: Short dude with tall lass RIGHT: Who is bored listening to Keith's songs at a gig?
Nicole and Keith appeared on Oprah this week (and will also appear on the Oprah Down Under TV Special in a fortnight). As usual, the 'very private' couple opened up about their life together. Keith talked about his demons again and said he never would have kicked his alcohol and cocaine addictions without Nicole.

He said "She really should have walked. I'm just glad she didn't. She made a decision to initiate, ultimately, this intervention and the love that was in that room at that moment was just right."

Keith, here is a question from us: We are all over the eternal gratitude you have towards Nicole. You rave about her in concerts, you sing songs about her. Is this part of your marriage contract - to constantly sing her praises? Just asking ...