Friday, April 10, 2009

Nicole to take credit for No.1 Album?

Keith Urban's new album Defying Gravity recently hit No. 1 on the Billboard Rock Charts. This is quite an achievement considering the commercial failure of his previous album Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing.  Keith continues to show gratitude to Gran at his performances and several of the new songs are rumoured to be tributes to her. Afterall, Gran helped him sober up and seek help by entering rehab within months of their marriage. Don't be surprised if Nicole publicly takes credit for this album. You may hear something along the lines of:

"Without me, Keith would have lost all his creative juices and his ability to write songs with ghostwriters. Before I came along, his career was becoming boring and he was into drugs and booze. I saved him, I even showed him how to wear a suit and look like a gentleman. This new album is really all about me, even down to the title. That is why it is No. 1."


Anonymous said...

I've heard the album and it is very average. How did it get to Number 1? Those stupid charts are all made up anyway.

Anonymous said...

There are always high expectations for some artists in the first week of release. The second week, and those after, may really tell the story of whether it deserved the #1spot. Putting so much emphasis on Kidman as the muse of this album is risky business. Sure, she has some fans. But she is also box office poison. Does he really want to hand over what's left of what could have been, a superstardom, to an actress who is mediocre at best. If he had kept her out of his career, he may not have run off the muse, who was really talented.

Anonymous said...

If you hate Kidman so much, then why the hell are you spending hours every day on searching pictures of her and news about her? It must be quite a torture for you to see her all day long... Strange

Choice said...

ANON 7:28am

Let me ask you in return: If you love Kidman so much, why do you keep visiting my Blog? Surely you would rather spend your valuable time over at 'Nicole Kidman United?

PS. I don't hate her, just dislike her and that PR machine. Big difference.

PPS. Don't need to spend hours searching everyday, I have my shortcuts. Only takes about 10 mins a day as I am super fast. Sorry to disappoint you, love.

Imahick said...

Choice said:"Let me ask you in return: If you love Kidman so much, why do you keep visiting my Blog? Surely you would rather spend your valuable time over at 'Nicole Kidman United?"

Touche! I have wondered that very thing everytime I see someone make such accusations. It's ludicrous!

Anonymous said...

I gotta say that "Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thang" is about the cheesiest album title I've ever heard.


Choice said...


Couldn't agree more. What a stupid name for an album. But what about the new album title "Defying Gravity". It he referring to Granny's face and breasts?

Linda said...

'Defying Gravity' is much more subtle than 'Botox frozen face.'

Most creative people are inspired by parts of their lives and the people around them, and obviously this album is a reference to Urban's Kidman years. Other choice titles could have been:
(a) 'Granny says...'
(b) Love and a few hair-pieces.
(c) Basically anything with the word 'Frozen' in the title.

Short titles are preferable after all you can't really title an album: 'I married a wooden actess' or 'How can I tell that you love me when your face doesn't move?' or 'How many more flops will I have to live through?'

Anonymous said...


Linda, good points except KU obviously has limited creativity - hence the craptacular album titles.

However I reckon 'How Can I Tell You Love Me When Your Face Doesn't Move?' sounds like a classic country song title. Here's another suggestion:

'Mah Wife Says She Loves Me But its Mah Hair Straight'ner She's After'