Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Nickers, we forgot about the choppers!"

"Oh Nicole, that dirt hill idea of yours was stupid! We forgot to block out the sky!"

"Oh Keith, put it back! The Easter egg hunt is for the kids!"
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After the Airport Easter photo charade last week, Nicole and Keith headed to their Bunya Hill homestead to catch up with family and check out renovations - including the dirt wall erected to block out prying eyes. Unfortunately, the Kurbans forgot to block out the sky, because the Paparazzi in helicopters had other ideas.  Nicole is probably now organising to have the property completely covered with a huge sail. Believe it or not, there are times our Gran doesn't like to be photographed.

Looks like Sunday had some fun on the Easter egg hunt (bottom photo). What is really nice to see is Nicole wearing casual clothing that is not all black. Even the black cap gets a break now (perhaps someone pulled it off her head at the Airport and wouldn't give it back!).  I'm quite liking the new brown cap, I have to say.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, I reckon she doesn't mind the Paps having a look at her at play on the farm. Never miss a chance to be in the papers, that lady.

Anonymous said...

You do know that the bottom picture is one of many from the Alpaca farm that they all visited. Keith's parents were with them as well as Nicole's parents.

Anonymous said...

Nic could do with a few easter eggs in her tummy. Put on some weight you skinny thing