Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Bunny Comes Early To Australia

Us very lucky Aussies can expect Mr and Mrs Urbanski any day now when they arrive for an Easter vacation, and to inspect recent renovations to their Bunya Hill mansion. This mansion, also known as a vile display of wealth, will accommodate the Urbans and their Sydney relations during the chocolate eating season. If any Sutton Forrest locals feel like a peep at Nicole on her Easter egg hunt around the homestead, just remember to climb the newly erected dirt hill that is aimed at keeping prying eyes out.  You won't need hiking boots as the wall is apparently only one metre high. Once you reach the summit, listen out for the new Keith CD playing (if Nicole allows this to be played).

You may remember an earlier post where their were murmurs that Nicole had given this homestead to sister Antonia to live in/rent (click here to see). Antonia is a keen horse rider, and apparently wants a quieter life style for herself and children. You may be surprised to learn that Antonia is not an attention seeker like others we know.

On behalf of the Easter Bunny, Australia would like to thank Nicole and Keith for visiting our shores this Easter.  We missed you when you quickly fled the country after the Australia premiere. We can't wait to catch up at the Sutton Forrest Tea House to discuss Keith's new CD, Nicole's ginger ale commercial, and her possible new roller-girl attendant career. 

Nicole, I've already phoned Jacki and Kyle, so there is no need for you to ring them tomorrow morning OK?


Anonymous said...

Here for the Royal Easter Show no doubt, to sign autographs? I'll be on the lookout .... NOT!

Anonymous said...

I've booked my ticket to Sutton Forest. Do you know if they will be holding a family BBQ at the homestead. Would like to crash it for the free grog.

Anonymous said...

I guess they are going to fly down after the ACM's and the taping of the George Strait tribute. Could you just keep her down there, when he comes back? Thankyou.

Easter Bunny said...

Im skipping country NOW! Sorry everyone... you'll have to buy your own eggs this year.