Thursday, March 26, 2009

Most overpaid actor gets a Woody

It has been reported today that Nicole Kidman has signed on for an upcoming, yet untitled, Woody Allen film. Apparently other cast members include Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Antonia Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Freida Pinto.  

There are some impressive names in there.  Some of these actors may not have signed their contracts yet, and may even pull out when they realise a certain person, who was titled the most overpaid actor last year, has joined the cast. A person whose last seven films have been flops and is also known as box office poison. Perhaps Woody feels sorry for this person, or hasn't kept up to date with her lack of talent. Perhaps Woody is only planning to give her a small part as an extra. Still, there may be no film at all.  Naomi might stick around seeing as though she is 'best friends' with this person. But you know what is strange about all this? Nicole Kidman in a Woody Allen film. Just doesn't seem right, does it. Most of his films are quite classy, like Annie Hall, Hannah and her Sisters, and Alice.  You may wish to think more about this, Woody. It's not too late, perhaps.


Deidre said...

Seriously she must have signed on for free. Anything to be noticed these days right? That is one movie I will be giving a big miss to. What next? She'll be in a 3D movie so we can touch her?

Linda said...

Woody Allen's career of late seems to have followed a familiar pattern: one hit, one flop... and I guess that Vicky Cristina Barcelona was the hit. The other noticeable thing is that he favours young babes; Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, etc. So Kidman was be consigned to playing ensemble while Freida Pinto is touted as the latest Allen muse in the press. Maybe Nicole will play Anthony Hopkins' yenta mother or a frigid intellectual... your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

Woody Allen films don't interest me. I like Nicole somewhat, but think she is getting too old to try to get a film career happening again. Obviously she isnt as interested in being at home with the kid as she tried to make out. Something a bit weird about her.

maclen said...

The fact that there is no story or info whatsoever about this film...and woody is simply collecting actors for his next film, to me does not bode well for this "production". Sounds like Allen is simply "contractually obligated" to put out another film, and the gears are in place, and deals are being made...again, with no story, it seems...or script. And that's a very common story in lalaland moviemaking...get a bunch of hip and with it red hot actors...and the hasbeen kidman...and try to put them in something good. But then, I'd say that 99% of the time you get a huge steaming pile of a mess, because then you get the vanity of the actors trying to "negotiate" the most lines...the most "closeups" the most screen time...and certainly most important, top billing. Maybe that is what allen ends up filming...a movie about vain and primadonna actors trying to get the most screen time...

maclen said...

So, just some initial and hilarious opinion reactions about the news of kidman possibly giving herself to woody to "resurrect" her dead career... besides the typical, "just the facts, ma'am" articles...

"Nicole Kidman, plastic bee-stung actress of floundering status, has joined Woody Allen's next movie. Also on board are Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Antonio Banderas, and Freida Pino. Generally Allen's more star-studded movies turn out to be the worst ones (with the exception of Everyone Says I Love You), so this doesn't bode well."

perfect analysis!

...and heres another lucid take on this untitled, unscripted job...

Overloaded: Woody Allen refuses to stop casting notable actors and actresses in his upcoming, still-untitled film: Nicole Kidman will join the cast alongside her buddy Naomi Watts, plus Antonio Banderas, Freida Pinto, Josh Brolin, and Anthony Hopkins. The movie shoots in London this summer, by which point Diego Luna, Daniel Craig, and the reanimated corpse of Laurence Olivier will likely have signed on.

..and my favorite...,2135,nicole-kidman-decides-against-quitting-acting,79081

Nicole Kidman decides against quitting acting – to join Woody

...The most relevent quote of the article...

"At the peak of the bad press for Australia, Kidman claimed in an interview that she she didn’t have the burning desire to make movies any more. She also spoke of her wish to spend more time with her family"

Yes, like anything kidman ever says is to believed! Also notice the reports that the film begins to film this summer...again, just as I predicted, when she is to vistit bulgaria on behalf of the UN this summer. So it's jet off to the movie set, jet off to bulgaria...back to the set...all scheduled for the most convient movie PR and charity exploiting in one easy swope.

Bstnactrs said...

If Woody Allen was ever going to cast Nicole in one of his films, he would have done it already...given her last 1/2 dozen movies have bombed, no way will he touch her with a ten foot pole now.

He's smarter than that.

Urban Myths said...

Choice, your photo above this post could be labeled "Which one doesn't belong?"

Surprising that Woody would cast her after all these years. Maybe he's being paid to do so? I'm sure he will rue the day.

Linda said...

Just like the word 'Botox'; another word that is becomming synonymous with Nicole Kidman is 'desperation'.

Granny Freeze is too predictable and it seems to me that she flings her career at anything associated with Oscar success.

Remember when La Vie en Rose (Edith Piaf biopic) won Marion Cotillard best actress and shortly after Kidman announced that she'll be playing Dusty Springfield in a biopic?

So Vicky Cristina Barcelona won Penelope Cruz a supporting actress Oscar, and it didn't take long for Kidman to jump onto the Woody Allen bangwagon, did it?

Trouble is by 2011 when the Woody film comes out the Oscars and public taste will have moved on...

Jen said...

This movie is reportedly to begin shooting this summer in London. Between this & Rabbit Hole, she sure isn't leaving much time for Keith. So much for his plans for his family to come out on the road with him. Keith's schedule doesn't allow for visits back & forth to London. Just more proof that Kidman could care less about anybody other than herself.

Choice said...

Career first, family second with Nicole Kidman. Having Sunday Rose was just a PR thing, I am sure ... and to follow Tom's baby making stunt.

As Linda also pointed out, Nicole's rival Penny Cruz was in a Woody Allen film and won an Oscar. Nicole will be hoping for the same thing.

donna said...

freida pinto can't act either so i guess nicole will blend in perfectly with the bunch of no talents. Seriously freida was in a movie for like 5 minutes, in which 2 minutes only consisted of the same shot of her.

Woody Allens films never interested me and mostly flops.

Woody is simply rounding up actors for another money making project, which evidently won't make any money.

Max Dwight said...

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