Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When movies flop, try overseas commercials

Nicole arrived in Jaipur, India yesterday (above far left) to begin filming a commercial for a sparkling water/ginger ale company.  The commercial will be directed by Sir Ridley Scott, known for films such as Alien and Blade Runner. Nicole jumped at the chance to do some work since discovering that early retirement and trying to fit into the Nashville community wasn't as much fun as she first thought. 

Early reports said Nicole arrived in India to begin filming "The Eighth Wonder", an Indiana Jones type adventure film.  This was probably a deliberate error to remind everyone that Nicole's 'own' production company plan to make this title one day. There was some talk of this title last year, but if you check IMDB there is no real mention of it anymore.  A pity really, I think it would be fun to see the Ice Queen running through jungles with stilettos, wigs and no dirt on her. In other words, I can't imagine her playing an Indiana Jones type role, can you?

Nicole has dabbled in commercials before, starting with the Chanel commercial, and then recently Nintendo. You may recall Chanel ended their contract with Nicole in 2007 - possibly when the botox allegations hit fever pitch.  Nicole's return to commercials could mean that she is trying different ways to get noticed again. What happened to the lady who was desperate to have a baby and stay home and make goat cheese? 

Joining Nicole for this commercial will be Bollywood star Arjun Rampal. Apparently India is ecstatic to have Nicole on their shores. That's the interesting thing about places like India,China and Japan. They go GOO GAA over Hollywood stars even when they are box office poison back home. 


Anonymous said...

Is the commercial only going to be shown in India? if so that would be a good idea for her sake.

Urban Myths said...

I guess staying at home in Nashville with the baby and the zucchini and the goats wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Keith has a busy schedule this week, wonder if he will have little Sunday at the San Francisco show tomorrow night. He might have to take a few intermissions to change diapers and such.

Choice, I love the timeline photos in the right sidebar. Thanks!

maclen said...

Surely kidman in her dellusional and flakey mind believes she is somehow "raising the level of commercials to an art form"...what with it being done with director scott and with a bollywood "costar"! It's a freakin commercial to sell ginger ale. I almost get a feeling she will hold a premiere and walk the red carpet with the platitudes of this "5 day" shoot. But as I mentioned over at UM...most things that involve kidman is the utter pretensiousness. Boy, I wonder if she wears a fab and frilly gown... and wears the freshest and silkiest wig...and has the CGI to rival the "epicness" of her "epic" chanel 10 min shilling of perfume...ginger ale is such a real glamfest of ideas!

Choice said...

Thanks Urban Myths regarding the timeline. Unfortunately, the timeline will go on and on as she now refuses to retire!

Maclen - I am surprised that someone like Ridley Scott is happy to have his name linked to her. And I think we'll be spot on about her costume for the shoot. Wigs and botoxed forehead for starters. And then the CGI ...

maclen said...

Yes, choice, kidman no doubt wants some of that recently hot bollywood action...as your blog title explains perfectly, she can no longer hack it in hollywood, so she's off to bollywood. It's pretty pathetic, she cant rustle up a film, but will make due with a ginger ale commercial.

Anonymous said...

Did you stop for a minute to think that this is a very exciting career opportunity for Nicole? The chance to work with Ridley Scott and Bollywood's most popular actor. It may only be a commercial to you but it is a fantastic venture that will look great on her Resume. You may not like her movies, but I do. Give her a break you shit!

Anonymous said...

It's a ginger ale commercial. Good heavens...cool it anonymous 0854.

I'm sure that NK will make good coin and all, and given it will likely never be seen in North America, she will not suffer the indignities of having her "performance" picked apart by the press / critics here.

But really...it's a commercial. For someone of her status, it's really kind of embarrassing to do something like this for ginger ale. At least for Chanel it was for a perfume and could have been considered a classy product. But this is ... it's ginger ale, people.

Anonymous said...

Well Anon 1:41, you must be missing the point of it all! Nicole is being clever. The advert stars people from Slumdog Millionaire too. Don't you know that movie is from India and is being raved about worldwide? Nicole is clever to get herself associated with all that is India at the moment. Doesn't matter if it is just ginger ale, as you kindly point out. Its the status of working with these people, and in India - can you understand now? She is a star in anything she does. The Indians adore her too. You wait and see, she will be in Bollywood film sometime soon. That will be a good exciting venture too. And no, I won't cool it!

Choice said...

ANON 9:20 (and probably 8:54)
NOPE, Nicole is not being clever. It is her only career option at the moment ie. accepting commercials or drive-in food rollergirl attendant.

Also, I wouldn't be counting on her getting any Bollywood film offers. She is too white and would stand out in the scenes too much. But don't for a moment think she'd be happy with a 5 minute cameo. Nicole demands 99% screen time in anything she does.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching the Ginger Ale commercial from your hotel room on your Indian holiday. And before you go, don't call me a shit.

maclen said...

So, Variety is saying that kidman has signed onto Woody Allens next film.


...seems kidman is very very desperate for some "awards love"...allen just got penelope cruz her recent supporting oscar. Another interesting mention is that Slumdog's Freida Pinto is also said to be in this allen film. So, with this "bollywood" commercial... and now supposedly signing onto this film with the red hot pinto...kidman hopes some of that "hotness" will rub off on her!

Linda said...

Ginger ale, how apt! Nicole Kidman is such a phoney: Anyone else noticed how in the past she has banged on in interviews about how's she sees hereslf as an 'artist'?. Pretentious cow. Although, personally I'd rather that she stuck to making commercials than ruining movies with her atrocious wooden acting. Looking forwards to seeing Nicole whisper 'I'm a bubblehead. I lurrrve to drink...' while she cavorts around in some ludicrous couture gown... in an attempt to peddle Ginger Ale to Indians!

Bstnactrs said...

There is always a reason an actor is doing a commercial overseas as opposed to doing one in the country that brought them their fame. LOL.

That's great if India loves Nicole - but I doubt very much she's gonna be making a film career there.

You'll notice they have THEIR big star in their own commericals as well - he's not doing Pepsi comercials here, is he?

If Nicole could sell anything, including a movie ticket, she'd be all over OUR tv screens - not India's.

Still, a project is a project isn't it?