Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Bunny Comes Early To Australia

Us very lucky Aussies can expect Mr and Mrs Urbanski any day now when they arrive for an Easter vacation, and to inspect recent renovations to their Bunya Hill mansion. This mansion, also known as a vile display of wealth, will accommodate the Urbans and their Sydney relations during the chocolate eating season. If any Sutton Forrest locals feel like a peep at Nicole on her Easter egg hunt around the homestead, just remember to climb the newly erected dirt hill that is aimed at keeping prying eyes out.  You won't need hiking boots as the wall is apparently only one metre high. Once you reach the summit, listen out for the new Keith CD playing (if Nicole allows this to be played).

You may remember an earlier post where their were murmurs that Nicole had given this homestead to sister Antonia to live in/rent (click here to see). Antonia is a keen horse rider, and apparently wants a quieter life style for herself and children. You may be surprised to learn that Antonia is not an attention seeker like others we know.

On behalf of the Easter Bunny, Australia would like to thank Nicole and Keith for visiting our shores this Easter.  We missed you when you quickly fled the country after the Australia premiere. We can't wait to catch up at the Sutton Forrest Tea House to discuss Keith's new CD, Nicole's ginger ale commercial, and her possible new roller-girl attendant career. 

Nicole, I've already phoned Jacki and Kyle, so there is no need for you to ring them tomorrow morning OK?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Most overpaid actor gets a Woody

It has been reported today that Nicole Kidman has signed on for an upcoming, yet untitled, Woody Allen film. Apparently other cast members include Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Antonia Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Freida Pinto.  

There are some impressive names in there.  Some of these actors may not have signed their contracts yet, and may even pull out when they realise a certain person, who was titled the most overpaid actor last year, has joined the cast. A person whose last seven films have been flops and is also known as box office poison. Perhaps Woody feels sorry for this person, or hasn't kept up to date with her lack of talent. Perhaps Woody is only planning to give her a small part as an extra. Still, there may be no film at all.  Naomi might stick around seeing as though she is 'best friends' with this person. But you know what is strange about all this? Nicole Kidman in a Woody Allen film. Just doesn't seem right, does it. Most of his films are quite classy, like Annie Hall, Hannah and her Sisters, and Alice.  You may wish to think more about this, Woody. It's not too late, perhaps.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When movies flop, try overseas commercials

Nicole arrived in Jaipur, India yesterday (above far left) to begin filming a commercial for a sparkling water/ginger ale company.  The commercial will be directed by Sir Ridley Scott, known for films such as Alien and Blade Runner. Nicole jumped at the chance to do some work since discovering that early retirement and trying to fit into the Nashville community wasn't as much fun as she first thought. 

Early reports said Nicole arrived in India to begin filming "The Eighth Wonder", an Indiana Jones type adventure film.  This was probably a deliberate error to remind everyone that Nicole's 'own' production company plan to make this title one day. There was some talk of this title last year, but if you check IMDB there is no real mention of it anymore.  A pity really, I think it would be fun to see the Ice Queen running through jungles with stilettos, wigs and no dirt on her. In other words, I can't imagine her playing an Indiana Jones type role, can you?

Nicole has dabbled in commercials before, starting with the Chanel commercial, and then recently Nintendo. You may recall Chanel ended their contract with Nicole in 2007 - possibly when the botox allegations hit fever pitch.  Nicole's return to commercials could mean that she is trying different ways to get noticed again. What happened to the lady who was desperate to have a baby and stay home and make goat cheese? 

Joining Nicole for this commercial will be Bollywood star Arjun Rampal. Apparently India is ecstatic to have Nicole on their shores. That's the interesting thing about places like India,China and Japan. They go GOO GAA over Hollywood stars even when they are box office poison back home. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rollergirl Nic

Nicole is continuing in her effort to be part of the Nashville community, and was seen at the Nashville Rollergirls Bout at the Fairgrounds last Saturday night (see above photo). She was also there to learn some tips. Why? To pick up other types of work since the acting offers have died off. Some Nashville fast food drive-in joints are expecting to bring back rollergirl service to patrons, and Nicole is believed to be getting her Resume ready. In times of recession, people cannot always be too picky with their careers, can they! "Would you like ketchup with that, Sir?"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nanny's Day Off

Good to see Nicole has got over the "you can't see my baby" routine and is happy to be photographed with Sunday Rose more often now. Or is it because it is Nanny's day off and Nicole had a hair appointment with no choice but to bring Sunday along? Whatever the reason, it's good to see the baby getting lots of fresh air on an outing with Mum this week in Nashville. And yes, the black gym gear gets an outing too. Also spotted out and about with baby son this week was Australia's classically trained actress Cate Blanchette, in Perth, Western Australia. See bottom right photo.
So, tell me ... who does Sunday look more like now? Keith, Nicole or Antonia?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smoking, drinking & plastic surgery mixed into one

Isn't it amazing how stars think they can have their cake and eat it too. Many of them smoke and drink for years and damage their skin in the process, but think that plastic surgery/botox will hide it all. Remember years ago when Melanie Griffith was the Revlon lady? Back then she had some airbrushing help for that venture, but suddenly things really started to catch up with her looks. She is a classic example of how plastic surgery cannot hide years of substance abuse. Melanie is a big smoker and drinker, and is well known for going under the knife (possibly in an attempt to keep fellow smoking hubby Antonio Banderas from roaming). As the photos reveal, plastic surgery just can't hide it anymore!  A certain Madam living in Nashville may wish to take note of Melanie's sad experience. Or is it too late?