Sunday, December 13, 2009

We can't live in Sydney!

Nicole's games with the Paps

Hot on the heels of Keith's Melbourne concert last night, Nicole has told the Sunday Telegraph that she can never make Sydney her home again because of the Paparazzi. In her own words:

"It makes certain cities impossible to live in. Like Sydney, it makes it impossible for us to live there. We certainly don't get that treatment in Tennessee. But it goes with the territory. It's just, we have to be careful, just to maintain some sort of semblance of a normal life for our child. At the moment Keith's career requires him to be based in Nashville, because there isn't a huge career for him in terms of country music in Australia. At the same time we're so connected to Australia, because our parents, my sister, our nieces and nephews, are all based there. So it really is a pull. I miss my mum and dad so much."

You may recall an earlier post on this Blog from May 2009 - this is not the first time the Urbans have raised this issue. We then pointed out that many Australian film stars (who are much more talented that Nicole) live in Australia, and do so without any trouble from the Paps. That is because they go about their daily lives in a normal manner without seeking attention. For example, they don't ring radio stations, reminding everybody that they are in town. See earlier post by clicking here.

Do you get the feeling Nicole is bringing all this up again to gain some sympathy ahead of her new movie NINE? Perhaps the Australian critics will be kinder this time round, following the wreck that was Australia.

Do you notice something else? Yes, Nicole has found a way to get her name in the papers again this week. As a friend pointed out some weeks ago, there is something about Kidman in the papers EVERY WEEK it seems. The way she likes it, perhaps?


Hell said...

Sydney will never be the same again without Kidman living there. It will be better for it!!!

Anonymous said...


maclen said...

When I first read about this last night at the Herald sun, I simply considered it a rehash of old news from the past. But notwithstanding, this now rash of "kidman slams OZ" stories on the nets cant be considered "positive" for kidman! In just the few comments to the herald piece, like this one from Jan of Melbourne
"Oh dear, poor love, sounds like "our Nic" doesn't love us much anymore. Well if you didn't want everything that comes with fame perhaps you should have been a secretary or a public servant. You speak such a load of drivel Nicole and you are an embarrassment to many Australians - go away little girl and stop talking now."

...I'm sure whenever kidman finally makes it to OZ...she'll have a very warm reception!

Doctor Do Little said...

It seems to me that Nicole is displaying signs of bitterness: She is like a chicken that's been pecked a few times and is now turning on the whole coop.

Concealed behind that artificially frozen face is a tremendous, bubbling rage: Nicole is angry that the AFI didn't even acknowledge her acting attempt in Baz Lurhmann's Australia; she is seething that Tom's Spanish trollop is getting more press and attention for her sexy turn in Nine, than she is. She is raging that Marion Cotillard is on the brink of bagging a 2nd Oscar and that she's 10 years younger and hasn't to do sleazy sex scenes or nudity on film; she is burning up at the fact that after millions of dollars spent of Botox, wigs, and plastic surgery that her career is still in the toilet. Unless she tries to contain her anger and bitterness, it could end up destroying her.

I wouldn't be at all suprised if we are soon to see the headline: 'Australians Beware: Nicole has got a knife!'

Anonymous said...

The woman never misses a chance for self promotion. Her husband gets positive press and she can't take it. She must steal the limelight. She has got to be the biggest ego-maniac. And bitter, I have no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone remind her, given her a real hard reality check, that, she's really not at the top of her game fact, she's not even newsworthy hot. Does anyone in Sydney really care that much about this fading thinks not....

Choice said...

While not exactly news, Antonia Kidman is still considering moving out of Australia to set up house in Singapore with her new husband. She'll take her four children with her. Based on the comments in the news article, people are pleased that another Kidman will be out of the country. For those who don't know, Antonia is a C List TV presenter down under.

Not sure if this story completely rings true. I doubt her former husband would allow her to shift her kids to another country.

Article is here:

Anonymous said...


I hope that means she (Antonia) will be leaving our tv screens for good. She sucks balls as a tv presenter and looks damn weird to boot!

I remember Antonia saying how she wouldn't want to be famous like her sister for anything in the world. Didn't stop her from taking a high profile tv gig away from a genuinely talented individual did it?

Can't stand the dorky cow.


You know, Choice...You should have everyone post a photo of themselves if they claim Nicole is so beautiful. What must they & their family look like? Did you see that pic of her on today? Crazy old lady eyes, they're saying. She's just so hideous looking.

Nicole wishes she looked like me.

Choice said...

Hi Sickitten,
That photo you refer to from DListed is from the BBC interview she did last week. The one where the interviewer asked her about Scientology, and of course she didn't want to discuss it. He also asked if working on EYES WIDE SHUT contributed to her marriage breakdown. The look in her eyes when he asked that is quite rewarding to see. She looked shocked!

Here's a link to the full interview:

Anonymous said...

She toned down her act...(interview video) seemed her "usual self" to me from the 90s and a bit more assertive. Seems to have returned to herself before the bizarre physical morphing and desperation acts of most of 00's. Her more stabilized looks (sorry, we'd seen her more hideous before....granny, latex)returned her sanity? This actress defines herself, existence and survival by looks and looks alone...!


I am waiting for you to post that makeup mishap that happened here in NY last night. She must be mortified! The comments on ring true. She must be a real biatch if nobody told her. And Anonymous, she can get a tan, just a mottled one.