Monday, May 4, 2009

Keith Urban: "We love Oz but get no privacy"

"The kangaroos and kookaburras are too noisy, and won't leave us alone!"

"We live in Australia because the Kurbans don't. It gives us peace and quiet!"
Clockwise from top: Cate Blanchette, Guy Pearce, Judy Davis, Toni Collette, Eric Bana and Russell Crowe

It's usually Nicole who says she loves Australia but simply can't live or spend too much time here because the paparazzi invade her every move.  Now Keith is saying similar in an April interview with the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. An excerpt from the interview about this issue is below:

"Within my art, I will speak about what I want to speak about, but that's not the same as someone shoving a camera lens in your face when you're at the beach. I don't get it in Nashville, which is one of the many reasons we love being there. But we love being in Australia too, but it's a bit of that intrusiveness that sometimes keeps us from spending time in places we'd like to be."

Keith - don't forget that you were once able to roam Australia freely without anyone bothering you before you became Mr Nicole Kidman. You brought all of this on yourself. You were largely unknown in this country; your fan base was almost non-existent. You are now famous by association (just like Nicole was when she was married to Tom).  You may have forgotten that your wife actually encourages the paparazzi when she is Australia. That's right. She'll ring up radio stations telling them she is in town and ask everyone to leave her alone. 

Keith - as this Blog has stated before, many Australian actors choose to live in Australia and do so comfortably (see their photo's above). You rarely see their names and photos in the papers here. They do not seek out attention.  Their pictures and names are provided so you can call them if you need any ideas on how to achieve a comfortable visit here, or a future permanent stay.  

Keith - we do understand that you need to live in Nashville for your music career. We also understand that Nicole would get bored living in Australia again, and the Paps would get bored with her fast too. Australia is too far from the big overseas parties and opportunities that your darling Nicole loves.   

It's all OK though! You can change your minds when your parents get older and need you more. Not to mention the lonely alpacas you bought at Easter for the Bunya Hill homestead - they are awaiting your next visit.  Come home soon!


Anonymous said...

Funny Choice.
I hope they don't come back anytime soon! I read that interview too and Im willing to bet she was sitting there telling him what to say. Ready with her whip in case he says anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

You people are so rude and mean! No wonder they don't want to live there! I just read where an Australian became an American citizen. Simon Baker! Keith had many fans in Australia before Nicole came into his life!

Anonymous said...

At least Simon Baker knows where his bread is buttered. Absolutely no offence intended to Aussies.

cricket said...

I wish she would go back to Australia and stay there for good, He could stay here in Nashville and go back to having a personality again instead of sounding like a parrot repeating every stupid airheaded remark she whispers. Keith is very smart but listening to his interviews since she took over his life you would think he was as stupid as she is. I don't think the poor man is allowed to speak unles he is reading from a Kidman approved script. I guess she is working timelessly on editing his every word.

Choice said...

ANON 1:34
I did not include Simon Baker as he is a TV actor. He lives in LA because that is where the TV work is. His decision to become an American citizen is likely due to him making that final step to settle there for work purposes. Rachel Griffiths is in the same boat because of "brothers and sisters" but I believe would prefer to live in Oz if she could.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to clarify the Baker thing. He mentioned planning to get dual citizenship (Australia and US).

Nicole already has dual citizenship, because she was born in Hawaii to Australian parents.

I'm not clear how any of that matters, though.

Anonymous said...

What matters is honesty and the public can see through those who lie or obfuscate the truth with bullshit platitudes....


Choice said...
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