Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Would you like to watch fine acting?

Feel like watching some fine acting? Feel like seeing why Kate Winslet is one of the most respected actors in the film industry? Then check out the new film Revolutionary Road starring Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate delivers an incredible performance with a range of emotions you don't often see in other female actors. Leonardo also delivers an exceptional performance. Good to see these two together again after 1997's Titanic.

On another note, Kate Winslet reportedly stepped in to replace Nicole Kidman in The Reader after Nicole withdrew because of pregnancy. In actual fact, Kate was the first choice for this role but declined due to filming committments for Revolutionary Road. Director Stephen Daldry then decided to wait for Kate (following Nicole's withdrawal) once filming was completed. Kate has been nominated for awards for both performances, and to date has won a Golden Globe for Revolutionary Road.

The lower right photo is a shot of Nicole on the set of Australia. This photo shows Nicole heavily botoxed. Unfortunately, she would be unable to express the range of emotions required for 'The Reader' if she had taken the role. I've also heard that fine acting is not a term associated with Nicole.

Read the Lainey Gossip comment on 'The Reader' here. Lainey agrees that the film would not have been the same with Kidman.


Anonymous said...

Kate Winslet is awesome, agree totally. In a different league to Kidman. Looks like The Reader will be worth seeing now.

hoosierlady said...

I just wanted to offer my condolences.

I'd buy those premoistened, myself.

maclen said...

Well, so the oscar noms were just announced...and winslet did in fact, get a best actress nod...but not for Revolutionary Road, but for The Reader. Certainly with kidman in the role, it would have been uninteresting and taken very, very "unseriously". Just as her role in Birth, with the "love story" involving kidman and the 10 yr old...the film would have been swamped for being laughable.

Choice said...

Thanks for the link, was in the process of doing a blog about that very issue. It seems every year when Australia Day approaches, Madame Kidman gets acknowledged for something she has done, this year it is the postage stamp. ALl I can say is that more people will email now to avoid buying stamps! Our previous Prime Minister must of had a love affair with Kidman because every year it seemd he would make sure she was nominated for "Australian of the Year". We used to laugh his reasons would be that she was a great ambassador for the country, her contributions to film, her work for charities. She never turned up though for nominee requirements. A great ambassador my ass, she won't even live in the country.

You are so spot on. The Reader would be a complete flop with Kidman in it. She has lost all credibility in serious roles because of the botox jokes. Kate Winslet is a brilliant actress, and doesn't touch surgery. You just need to see her breasts in The Reader to see that.

Linda said...

'When I watch the film I'm so thrilled by our foreheads.'

KATE WINSLET on Revolutionary Road