Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nicole skips 'G'day LA' event

Good to see Nicole taking time out from the attention she normally craves by skipping the Golden Globes, and yesterday's annual G'day LA Gala event. You may recall Nicole originally met Keith at this annual event in 2005 (photo of Nicole at the 2005 event bottom right). Nicole may also be hanging low after some less than flattering snapshots were taken of her in recent weeks.

Yesterday's G'day LA event was attended by a range of Aussie export stars, US stars, and ministers and officials from the Australian tourism industry. Aussie stars included Rachel Griffiths, Eric Bana, Melissa George, Poppy Montgomery, Olivia Newton-John and her new husband.

Rachel Griffiths was presented with an award for excellence in film and television by her Brothers And Sisters co-star Sally Field. Eric Bana also received an award. Melissa George, previously an Aussie soap star, and now part of the the Grey's Anatomy cast, became a US citizen in recent times. Melissa was also seen in the 2005 remake of Amityville Horror.

Perhaps Nicole really is semi-retiring as she said she would. How will the Paps cope without her presence? How will Nicole cope without the cameras?


Anonymous said...

You know why she didn't attend? She's still looking for her underwear.

maclen said...

Wow, she was sporting a serious case of botox brow at that time. And yes, kidman is doing her best impersonation of a ostrich...her head is buried well into the ground. No doubt laying low plotting her "fabulous" comeback...but you got to wonder how...I thought her big resurgence was to be her epic passion piece, Australia? You would think she would see if she cant hit it big with a spectacular with all the peritinent and relevent pieces that all played into her most strategic PR spinning....hometown setting of Oz...the all aussie cast...reunion with the aussie baz. Seems the aussie touch didnt workout very well...I dont know, maybe with kidman hiding out in tennessee...maybe she could consider a remake of "Coal Miner's Daughter"...it did win cissy spacek a oscar as well.

Choice said...

That's exactly what I was thinking Maclen - her brows were botox stricken severley back then. She looked like something out of Aliens.

Yes, laying low but planning her next move. We all know that she craves public sympathy. Next thing we know, she'll announce that the Goat has run away from home ... and we'll all have to cry for her.

cricket said...

God how I wish she would have skipped G-Day LA back in 2005. Who kmows how high Keith would have gone without her evil influence killing his creativity and sucking the life out of him.

Choice said...

Yes Cricket. Many see that as the worst evening of Keith's life. If only he had not kept the piece of paper with her number on, perhaps? Oh well, he's a big boy now. If he can't control his own life what does it really say about him? That he is a piss-weak bloke?

Anonymous said...

Great new montage of photos up top. This will ALWAYS be my favorite NK photo:


Choice said...

Thanks Anon 5:39AM.
I thought a new montage for the new year would be nice. The montage features some of Nicole's "best" photos. I agree, the Lainey photo you linked to isa classic. It shows how little hair she really has.