Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another attack on 'completely natural' Nicole

Paula (left), Nicole (middle) and Lisa Rinna (right).
Lisa is currently undergoing surgery to have her fake massive lips reduced.
Let Lisa's experience be a warning to you Nicole!
Outspoken former model Paulina Porizkova, known for saying what the majority think, has taken aim at Nicole Kidman for refusing to age gracefully. As we all know, Nicole has never confirmed reports she has undergone cosmetic surgery - but Porizkova insists it's obvious she has had work done, and it's depressing that such a beauty had to go to such extremes.

Paula raged, "She annoys me because I think that she WAS one of the most beautiful women ever and one of the greatest actresses; I really looked up to her.

"And when you start doing this (cosmetic surgery) to what already is beautiful... I guess that kind of insecurity really disheartens me because it makes me feel like, 'Well then, what about me? If you're so beautiful and you're so perfect and you need to change that to a different kind of perfection, where does that leave the rest of us?'"
Porizkova now urges Kidman to do the honest thing and let the public know her looks aren't all her own: "When it's so obvious - when you grow that big mouth... - why not admit to it."
The ex-model insists she has never gone under the knife - but, like so many aging beauties, she often considers it.
She adds, "I do nothing. I've done laser treatments, but I count that as nothing as technically it leaves you looking exactly the same... I've definitely had the desire (to remove wrinkles) and I battle with that desire on a daily basis because nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman's ego.
"I don't like to see it (youthful look) going away and I don't like this dragging down (of the face), and developing jowls and this weird neck thing, but it's age. At some point I've got to face it."

See article here about Lisa Rinna's surgery to reduce her fat surgically enhanced lips.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tie me up!

"Honey, they want all your Botox supply, not just the stuff in your handbag"
Nicole has done her fair share of roles which require the concerned look. It works well with the high-arched eyebrows. Shooting recently started on Kidman's new film with Nicolas Cage called Trespass which sees the two playing a married couple held hostage until the wife promises to stop using Botox, and the husband learns to go bald gracefully. We hear there may be scenes where Nicole is forced to wear her leotard outfit and other S & M attire to entertain the abductors.

Look carefully at the above shot from the film, and marvel at Kidman's incredible ability to look scared. This is the work of a genius. On another note, it would be quite boring for her to be held hostage with Cage who is not well known for interesting conversation. Oh well, I guess they can discuss wig maintenance tips with each other while they wait ... and wait.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If only the Oscars were fair

Nicole Kidman in "Rabbit Hole"    Jacki Weaver in "Animal Kingdom"

The Oscar race is on. If you are an actor or actress who wishes to get an Oscar nod, you often need a big film distributor behind you.  Kidman's latest film "Rabbit Hole" was unveiled at the recent "Toronto International Film Festival". This festival is where it all happens. It's where film distributors gather to watch films and decide which ones to buy.  Lucky for Nicole, Lionsgate saw something in the film which her own company produced (Blossom Films). In fact, Lionsgate thought so much of her performance that they are pushing for an Oscar. Could Nicole's box office poison days be up? Or are cinemagoers too tired of her to bother giving her another chance to redeem herself?

We haven't seen all of  Kidman's performance in "Rabbit Hole". However, we have seen the two scenes released and still see a frozen, immobile face. Look at the scenes by clicking here. Do you agree that there are no creases anywhere in her face?

The Oscars can be so unfair. A brilliant Australian film "Animal Kingdom" is starting to get international recognition and may get an Oscar nod for best screenplay. However, the Academy usually goes for a well known name when they give an Oscar for a best actor and best actress. "Animal Kingdom" features a brilliant performance by Aussie actress Jacki Weaver, who incidentally can act circles around Nicole. Jacki chose not to do the Hollywood thing during her long career, and may miss out on an Oscar nod. Let's hope she does get included in the list of female actresses. See the trailer for "Animal Kingdom" here.

Do you believe the Oscars are unfair?