Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If only the Oscars were fair

Nicole Kidman in "Rabbit Hole"    Jacki Weaver in "Animal Kingdom"

The Oscar race is on. If you are an actor or actress who wishes to get an Oscar nod, you often need a big film distributor behind you.  Kidman's latest film "Rabbit Hole" was unveiled at the recent "Toronto International Film Festival". This festival is where it all happens. It's where film distributors gather to watch films and decide which ones to buy.  Lucky for Nicole, Lionsgate saw something in the film which her own company produced (Blossom Films). In fact, Lionsgate thought so much of her performance that they are pushing for an Oscar. Could Nicole's box office poison days be up? Or are cinemagoers too tired of her to bother giving her another chance to redeem herself?

We haven't seen all of  Kidman's performance in "Rabbit Hole". However, we have seen the two scenes released and still see a frozen, immobile face. Look at the scenes by clicking here. Do you agree that there are no creases anywhere in her face?

The Oscars can be so unfair. A brilliant Australian film "Animal Kingdom" is starting to get international recognition and may get an Oscar nod for best screenplay. However, the Academy usually goes for a well known name when they give an Oscar for a best actor and best actress. "Animal Kingdom" features a brilliant performance by Aussie actress Jacki Weaver, who incidentally can act circles around Nicole. Jacki chose not to do the Hollywood thing during her long career, and may miss out on an Oscar nod. Let's hope she does get included in the list of female actresses. See the trailer for "Animal Kingdom" here.

Do you believe the Oscars are unfair?


Anonymous said...

For your information Choice, the Academy is very fair. Do you really think they would give it to someone who didn't deserve it. If Nicole deserves to win it, she will. And you will then have to admit it, she's a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choice said...

ANON: For your information, the Academy has had many stuff ups! Evident by public displeasure at winners. For example, when Paltrow won for 'Shakespeare in Love', when it should have gone to Blancette. Want another example? When Kidman won over Julianne Moore in the Hours. Still not convinced? Want another example? OK, when Hal Berry won for 'Monster's Ball'. Yes, I really think the Academy WOULD give it someone who didn't deserve it. Heard of a sympathy vote?

SW said...

I doubt very much Kidman will be nominated, as she is up against Natalie Portman and Annette Benning. Anyone who wants to see a good film should see the ones these two ladies are in.

The Academy is rigged, but hopefully they will pick someone who cares more about their craft, than their beauty.

Anonymous said...

If Kidman wins it's rigged. If bening/portman wins, it's ok. That's so fair of you all.

So many haters.

put lid on it already!

SW said...

Anon 3:54pm
If you are such a big Kidman fan, how come you visit this site. Obviously you are intrigued enough to come visit. I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. I wouldnt be surprised if you are a fence sitter. Not sure if you like her, not sure if you hate her.

Anonymous said...


Im hurt. How could I live if someone as regal and talented and wise as you hate me. Oh how, oh how? NOT!!

You're right. Im not sure if I like her or hate her either. What Im sure of though is that I DONT spend as much energy as you do hating nicole, or other people for that matter.

Is Nicole so essential to your life thate veryone should have a stand when it comes to he? What is she? your mother? Is she Jesus Christ?

Laura said...

I havent heard much more buzz about this film since it was announced that Lionsgate bought the distribution rights. Quiet before the storm. Watch out folks! A big media circus will start soon trying to get Kidman positive publicity.
If the movie is half as good as they say, I will stand corrected. I just reckon this woman couldnt act her way out of a paper bag. Remember she had no training at all. None at all.

Anonymous said...

Kidman looks abolutely fantastic in "Rabbit Hole". And those who have actually seen the film say she's superb in it. Hopefully, she'll get an Oscar nom for it. By the way, this site is funny. A bunch of unhappy women trying to convince themselves that Nicole Kidman is ugly, talentless...So pathetic, it becomes hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Laura you are wrong.

Skeptics quit complaining about the Oscars. You don't get a vote. Have fun telling Viola Davis Melissa Leo and Kate Winslet their nominations were undeserved because the respective movies weren't popular. The Reader was not a box office hit.

Do all of you enjoy looking like hateful fools?