Monday, October 11, 2010

Tie me up!

"Honey, they want all your Botox supply, not just the stuff in your handbag"
Nicole has done her fair share of roles which require the concerned look. It works well with the high-arched eyebrows. Shooting recently started on Kidman's new film with Nicolas Cage called Trespass which sees the two playing a married couple held hostage until the wife promises to stop using Botox, and the husband learns to go bald gracefully. We hear there may be scenes where Nicole is forced to wear her leotard outfit and other S & M attire to entertain the abductors.

Look carefully at the above shot from the film, and marvel at Kidman's incredible ability to look scared. This is the work of a genius. On another note, it would be quite boring for her to be held hostage with Cage who is not well known for interesting conversation. Oh well, I guess they can discuss wig maintenance tips with each other while they wait ... and wait.


Anonymous said...

are u out of your mind? they do not take her hostage because of her botox. that is not part of the script at all. go onto IMDB to get the accurate storyline.
people - this blog is not telling the truth about this film!!!

whatchasayy said...

On Anon 9:42 pm comment, wow, has only literal appropriate of a fan for NK...both sad, moronic and pathetic

Nicole Mary Kidman fan said...

This is not funny at all. You will once again have egg aall over your faces when this film comes out. She will be fantastic in it and after the success of Rabbit hole, this film will help to elevate her back to the highest paid actress in the world. Time you started accepting that she doesnt use botox and that her flawless skin is because she stays out of the sun. PO!!!

Nicole Mary Kidman fan said...

and one more thing... i plan on reporting this blog to Google Management and ask them to delete it.

Choice said...

Please Tanya, go right ahead. Good luck. You could just as easily not visit this Blog, as suggested before.

hoosierlady said...

I thought the botox storyline would be a hoot!

Why don't we just let her think what she will? I know it's spring where you are, but winter is coming here, and I need the distraction.

Keep 'em coming, Choice!

SW said...

I will be giving Trespass a big fat miss, because I cant stand Nicolas Cage ... and Nicole for that matter. Talk about bringing two has-beens together, what a laugh! I think your storyline for Trespass is ten times more interesting than the crap they will release.

Hey Tania - why cant you just go look at other blogs, this is a free country. This blog is allowed to stay just like I am sure your bedroom full of Kidman posters is allowed to be.

blue sky said...

Tanya, instead of contacting Google Management, I suggest you contact your local shrink. Your obsession with Kidman is beyond normal and healthy. To take humor so seriously shows you are very unstable. You cannot control opinions of others that don't agree with yours. This isn't Nazi Germany. Do you realize how many blogs are on the internet that poke fun at celebrities? You will look like a complete fool to Google.

Nicole Mary Kidman fan said...

Blue sky - have you even heard of defamation of character. That is what Urban Myths and this blog do. Google Management can shut down any blog they want that is seen as offensive. Is that clear enough for you. You might find these blogs humorous, but do you know what defamation of character is? I am sure you dont.

Lol said...


You know what's even funnier than putting two has'beens together? It'wa when it's coming from "never-will-be's" like you. and choice. Hahahahaha.

Choice said...

LOL - you are entitled to your opinion. You obviously enjoyed it enough to come visit this Blog.

Now, PO!!!

blue sky said...

Oh Tanya, don't go legal on me because I will win!

The term defamation of character is often used to describe accusations of slander, libel or both. Slander involves verbal derogatory statements, while libel involves written ones. In a court of law, the plaintiff pursuing the lawsuit would charge defamation of character to cover any form of false or damaging allegations.

Defamation of character is notoriously difficult to prove in court, although the actual effects can be quite evident and damaging. If a disgruntled customer of a restaurant tells numerous people that the head chef has AIDS, for example, sales for that restaurant could fall and the employee might lose his job or find it difficult to work. Because the customer's slanderous statement concerns a specific person and an unproven accusation, the chef may have a legitimate case of defamation of character.

Has anyone come out and said Kidman likes sex with animals, howls at the moon like a dog, or like referenced above - says she has AIDS? No, the mean things that have been said about Kidman on these blogs are personal opinion. If you think her hair looks like crap on the red carpet, that is your personal opinion, and you have every right to say so.

Making up a fake line from a movie is not libel. Saying she uses Botox is not libel since the evidence shows that she does use it. Botox paralyzes the facial muscles, and therefore the face doesn't move or show expression.

If you are throwing around defamation of character, then you better go after her director from Rabbit Hole because he makes comments about people questioning her face!

Because I think she is not a pretty woman or a great actress does NOT ruin her career! Do you mean to tell me that movie suits are reading our negative opinions and not putting her in high-quality movies because they value our opinions on some random blog?

H E L P - you need it Tanya!

Nicole Mary Kidman fan said...

Blue Sky
People have come out on this blog and said Kidman uses botox which she has denied. So isnt the same then as saying something untrue like she likes kinky sex with animals?
You dont know what you mean. Plus you just said i need help, and I dont. You are accusing me of being disturbed and that is defamation. THink about what you just wrote you silly person!

blue sky said...

Kidman has said that she was born with natural red hair, and in an entirely different interview, she also said that she was born with blonde hair.

Since I have fair skin, I have to stay out of the sun. I can't stand the sun. I dyed my hair red for a while during the 1990s but I'm actually a natural blonde."

"As a child my hair was naturally red, but since I was 13 my hair turned light blonde naturally. It's really strange but it happened. Ever since Chase through the night, the directors made me dye my hair red, as they all thought it suited me at the time. Even for Dead Calm (1989), Phillip Noyce made me dye my hair red. Now the directors and studios just let me keep my natural blonde hair."

So, which color do you believe? Which comment is the truth? Hmm, she wasn't in her teens in the 90's. I also have to ask, why would everyone want her to stay blonde when everyone knows and agrees she looks better with her "natural" red hair? So why has she returned to red hair now? Then there is this comment from her own fan club:

"Nicole Kidman actually wears a wig throughout her movies."

So why do directors want her hair dyed blonde? What difference does it make?

She has said that she is all-natural and has done nothing to her face. Explain the lips then, and can you honestly say she didn't have any procedures done on her face in the picture Choice has posted on the main page of this blog? You know, the one you have issues with all the time.

I'm not sure of your location, but if you can watch E's Fashion Police show, you will seen a bunch of slanderous comments being made on every show. What was once strictly a red carpet season show has now turned into a weekly show. Which makes me believe that E isn't too worried about the nasty comments Joan Rivers makes about celebrities and their appearance.

You are not a public figure. No one knows your identity, your occupation or where you live or work on here, so how is this defamation of your character? It isn't.

Anonymous said...

She looks great. By the way, the trailer for 'Rabbit Hole' is out. There's tons of Oscar buzz about her performance (people who have already seen it at film festivals say she's brilliant in it). Can't wait!

whatchasayy said...

Excellent points, Blue Sky...add this to your story: She also said she was born blond and it was her mother who colored her hair red to go with her skin because her mother thought her skin was too pale (what an idiot, I certainly didn't make this up.) Another thing that irks me is NK's typecast of her mom as a feminist; how NK learned to be independent by seeing her, blah blah. Yet most of the captured pictures of her mom is that quintessential woman who stands behind her man kind of woman...yeah definitely not g. steinem...reeks hogwash here too.