Monday, November 30, 2009

Early Big Bird Christmas Shopping

At least Keith lets her pull the trolley

Nicole and Keith didn't want to miss out on any Christmas decoration bargains, and got down early to the Home Depot Store in LA. Fortunately, someone with a digital camera just happened to be nearby, and snapped some shots of the eager shoppers. Amazing how the cameras are always around whenever Nicole steps out. Or is it just a coincidence?


Anonymous said...

I heard Nicole is a real tight-ass. I bet she hardly spends a cent on presents. A friend was saying to me that nearly every week there is something about Nicole in the news. She wants it that way, right?

Anonymous said...

Choice, not much one can say about this one. She's pre-holiday shopping, surprising not at a better department store, from what can be observed her face still looks funny and surgically altered, skinny; her husband appearing stupid (she's sapping his career, image, really...) Blah....

Freedom for the world said...

I noticed that too that she is pushing the trolley. Good on her, at least she doesn't have an assistant doing it. But I am surprised she can manage the load of it what with her awkward skinny frame. I dont like her new surgical work. A paper-bag would suffice.

Anonymous said...

What, no spray paint in the cart?

Doctor Do Little said...

What this really means is that it takes having a baby for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to buy a Christmas tree and decorations. Last year they must having thought that with Sunday Rose only being 5 months old that they couldn't be bothered.

Anonymous said...

there is this blog because nicole kidman is important, beautiful, talented and glamorous
If nicole kidman was not important, there is not htis blog
I think nicole is the best actress in the world and has natural beauty
She is compeletly natural
and i think nicole kidman haters are stupid

Choice said...

ANON 9:33am
This blog is to show the devious life of one celebrity, a person who adores attention and stages so many moments to stay in the public eye.
Can you tell me what you mean by completely natural. We must be talking about different people!!!!

Anonymous said...

I mean nicole is a important and famous person thah there are many blog about her no difference this blog is hater or fan
compeletly natural means she had no botox,no surgery,no smoke
aboet this you tell so you shut up and get out. she is private
every body love attention and nicole too
my favourite celebrity is just nicole and she is my godness because i think she is most beautiful woman and best actresss in the world
first time i saw her in a magazine i adore her and decide to watch her movies
nicole is my idole so i hate you
I come to your blog because you have beautiful picture from her

Choice said...

Anon 12;50
Whatever. I hope Nicole and you will be very happy.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:51 AM, go somewhere else. You're obviously delusional, just the kind nk would attract. It's people like you that sustain this has-been granny from calling it quits, forcing her to dice and mince herself just to stay afloat not as a thespian but a mutton in angst, all in the name of art.

I hate Nicole Kidman-Cruise-Urban said...

Anon 12:51 you sound like a feraked out fanatic, surely not the sort of fan any celebrity would want - except for old Nicole herself. And why don't you improve your grammar. Leave school in the first year or something?
PS. dont visit this site if you dont like it.

Sickitten said...

Like she's going to actually put up the decorations herself. Ha! Even I hire someone to come in and do the trees because I have 22 ft. ceilings. Actually, being that she is as big as Big Bird, she can probably reach the top of the tree like the Bumble in Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Maybe the Bumble will get his teeth replaced by Herbie the Elf Dentist and they will resemble Nicole's chiclet teeth.