Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top 10: Nicole's Most Staged Moments

Does Nicole Kidman like putting on a show when she is off-screen too? Here at Nicole Kidman's Journey we definitely think so. She loves to play it up for the camera, any attention will do nicely thank you. There have been so many staged moments for Lady Kidman, that it is very hard to find the 10 best. Nevertheless we have come up with some memorable performances. And she said she was a shy person, can you believe that?

You may not agree with what we have rated at No. 10, No. 5 or No 1 and so forth. You have the chance to vote for her best staged moment on the Poll at the top right corner. Let us know your thoughts too.

Let's count them down:

Nicole showed up in court in 2006 in a conservative outfit to face the wicked paparazzi, Jamie Fawcett. He allegedly chased her in his car and bugged her home. The only way anyone was going to feel sorry for Nicole was if she put on a sad, troubled face. The media bought it, the court bought it ... and the public had a good chuckle.

Most Oscar photo opportunities are staged moments for any star. But the above photos are truly staged moments for Lady Kidman. Not only did she think she was red hot in that red dress, but she snuggled up to big star Meryl Streep just to remind you she has friends in high places. Only problem was, the photo really proved she was a fan of Botox. She could barely smile.

Here we have the Kurbans at the Australia Tennis Open in 2007. They mastered watching when the cameras would pan around to them and then took every opportunity to remind you that they really were in love. And to ensure you always remembered, they promised to continue this 'look of love' at every public performance.

See I told you. Here we have them again, loving it up for the cameras at the 2009 CMA Awards. Unfortunately Nicole decided to show her boney lily white back through the strapless black frock. I get the feeling these dresses are made for people with tanned backs?

Nicole likes to visit the Sydney Children's Hospital every time she is in Australia (which is very rarely). This is very kind of her to do this, but somehow the media are always there to film her. Why is that?

Oh no! Here we go again. The cameras are panning around to the Kurbans, this time at the US Open in 2009. Quick, let's kiss Keith so everyone knows we are besotted with each other.

This is a real favourite. The Kurbans at the CMA Awards in 2008. At that time, there were some nasty rumours going around that Nicole wasn't really pregnant, and if she was, the belly was ever so tiny. This cleverly staged moment was designed to show that even Keith believed there was a baby in there.

Here we have Nicole and first husband Tom departing Australia in 1993 following a family visit with their adopted children, Connor and Isabella. If there was any speculation that Nicole didn't really enjoy being a mother then, this photo was set to prove the critics wrong. Can't you see the adoration in her eyes? I wonder if she still remembers these kid's names.

Here we have Nicole on Oprah in early 2009. Now let's remember that Nicole swore she would never show the world what her baby, Sunday Rose, looked like. Oprah asked if she could see a photo of Sunday Rose, so Nicole produced a perfect snapshot from her purse. The whole thing just looked so staged, especially the professionally shot photo, which Nicole said Keith had taken with his mobile camera. Hmmm.

Here we have the No. 1 Staged Moment. Nicole Kidman at the 2007 ARIAS in Australia. This was the first of many ocassions when Nicole would wear see-through dresses with designer G-strings to remind you what a sexy, slender body she has. Of course she pretended she was unaware that people could see through it. Then about half an hour lately, a coat was handed to her. We think she was told, not asked, to put that coat on! Afterall, ARIAs is telecast during family viewing time.

Now you have seen what this Blog rates as the 10 most staged Nicole Kidman moments. Don't forget to vote for the one you think is the best (see top right corner). Feel free to comment too on other moments you remember. There are countless.


Anonymous said...

good embarassing moments there. Agree with many.

maclen said...

Yes, that is a great list, choice. I wouldnt specifically disagree on your list. But for me, the disgust I feel over her exploitation of "charitible organizations" to shill her films and herself, and especially her exploitaiton of those kids at the Sydney childrens hospital..I'd certainly put that on the top of the worst of her staged moments. And despite the fact her films still flopped...her career is still is very crass and shameless exploitation!

maclen said...

Ha!...just voted on your poll, choice...and it occured to think the kidman fansie "freepers" are gonna vote...and revote on this poll? Come on "kidman fansies" freep this poll and reveal her most "staged" moment!

Urban Myths said...

Bravo, Choice!!!

Laura said...

I think that Nicole seems to think that her fans are stupid - and maybe they are!
Her two biggest lies are that (a) she is shy - she's never out of the bloody papers or stops doing magazine covers. She's a terrible fame whore.
(b) She's completely natural. What's natural about not being able to move your face, having inflated lips, and wearing somebody else's hair?

Belinda from Australia said...

Well done Choice... some great shots there. Your poll was a hard one... there are so many to choose from but i thought the Oprah photo was so obviously staged it wasnt funny!

hoosierlady said...

It's all just so darned much fun!

I would only add, if I may, the repeat of the naked bottom.

How could she possibly not known the 2nd time?

Anonymous said...

Nicole really does believe we are all as stupid as her. She may have dropped out of school in highschool but the rest of us didn't. These staged events are so funny, thanks Choice!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, guys. You know, for always discussing La Kidman. Even if it's all hate, it means people are not indifferent to her. The REAL FAME RETARDANT. That's very important for an actress esp. for her age (over 40).......the expiration period. One more thing, love her or hate her, Kidman is still one of biggest star in the world. Regards from Shanghai and Mla.

A440 said...

Forgive me for being a wee bit cynical, but I think KUNK's No. 1 staged moment was -- the wedding.

Remember those truly vile wedding photos? She looked like the spawn of Satan, and he looked like a potted palm.

Foreshadowing, we all know now.

Choice said...

Hello A440
The wedding photo was considered but if you recall, she kept the actual event hidden from the media. The one wedding photo which was released was to satisfy media agencies. Apparently they did it for free too. I personally don't think the wedding photo looked staged for these reasons. The wedding was one time when she actually wanted privacy (very unlike Lady Kidman normally)

hoosierlady said...

Perhaps it was the one time she actually wanted privacy, but I find that hard to believe.

Has anyone seen the prenup? I am proud of my cynical self and I'd lay odds that someone PAID her to keep it private.

Choice said...

Good comment Hoosierlady. There would have to be a prenup for this wedding. I'll have a guess at what it says:

"If this marriage dissolves, Keith will be entitled to none of my assets, including my large Botox supply and wigs. He will be allowed to see Sunday Rose when I decide. He must agree to look smitten with me on all occassions and only cheat on me if I am out of town".

Anonymous said...

THought f standard asses were like a pear that flare out at bottom with dimples at top. Did notice her ass at start of Eyes Wide then here, hers' kind of plumbed/cupped out like an orange with very little tapering where the dimples are. Is this like anything else about this lady with her long list of quick fixes, pumped up excessively there too, you think? Hey, she's displaying her middleagedness in full glory out there for all of us to see....

Anonymous said...

I gotta say I absolutely hate that see-through mini dress she's wearing to the music awards show. She has dressed beautifully in the past but this is atrocious because its straight-laced but risque all at once - kind of like Amish porn or something. Its like the dorky girl trying too hard to fit in with the hip crowd, which come to think of it, is probably an analogy for most of Kidman's life. Her choice of dorky men betrays her inner geekiness imo.