Friday, September 4, 2009

Shots from Rabbit Hole

Scenes from Nicole's new movie "The Rabbit Hole"

This is the movie tipped to turn Nicole's career around after a long series of flops. Above are scenes from Rabbit Hole, a film which is now in post production. It is about a couple who have lost their son, and also stars Aaron Eckhart. The film was originally about a rabbit who moves to New York after her hole was filled with dirt. However, scriptwriters changed the story as they were unable to find a rabbit costume big enough for Nicole to fit into.

It will be interesting to see if Nicole can shed the tears necessary for her role as a grieving mother. We'll see. There is always the onion trick. Somehow I just can't see Nicole pulling this off. I hope I am wrong for the sake of her career.


Anonymous said...

Nicole playing serious? Ha! I think I prefer it if she played a rabbit.

Colin said...

Is she still making flops?