Thursday, July 9, 2009

Production of new film hopping along nicely

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New photos from the film set of The Rabbit Hole see Bunny Nicole dressed in a nice black dress suit ready for her first day on the job at a pet store. This new movie promises to show Nicole's full acting range, although she is not new to playing animals. You may recall she played a dog in Dogville.

While we are thrilled to see Nicole back to being a redhead, we'd like to point out the grey roots evident in the middle face photo. Can you see them too? Oh well, even rabbits grow old, you know!


emma said...

I have to say, Nicole is looking more shapely now. More of a feminine figure, less of that boyish frame she had for years. Perhaps she had some work done on her thighs too then.

Good to see you eating more Nicole. And I like the red hair too. You must be listening to the public at long last baby!


Anonymous said...

Is she ruining another film? I really don't know why she bothers. What about that baby of hers that she so badly wanted?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear she sacked her agent because of the string of flops? maybe she'll get lucky now. Or learn to read ????

Linda said...

Oh dear God! I thought she said after Australia that she was retiring?

I can just tell from looking at that still that this is going to be another one of Nicole's slow, dreary, boring, indie efforts: You know, lots of shots of Nicole walking around with her mouth open when she's not whispering her lines and trying desperately to look profound... One to skip.