Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nicole's sister runs, but won't eat

Is Antonia trying to copy Nicole's exercise mad ways? Click on picture to enlarge.

Exercise mad Antonia Kidman continues to lose kilos in an effort to possibly avoid the dreaded "Kidman Tummy" which all the Kidman women apparently inherit. Younger sister Antonia was photographed in Sydney the other day looking painfully thin (see top left). This follows on from her appearance at the April 2009 ASTRA Awards (bottom left and right) where onlookers were concerned about her gaunt looking face and general frailness. One mean journalist described her look as "Bride of Frankenstein" at those awards.

Antonia apparently runs 15km each day. Let's hope the mother of four isn't trying to copy big sister Nicole's mad exercise regime and lettuce eating ways.


notachance said...

What the hell has happened to Antonia? She used to be so pretty, now she does look like Bride of Frankenstein.

Anonymous said...

The Kidman sisters looks so cold, brittle and uptight and not at all remotely charismatic. They are aging really badly. Meryl Streep and Jessica Lange look better and they are about 10 years older... maybe the Kidman girls could do with a few meals once in a while. Madonna is another one who looks awful - like scrawny, muscular, tough old birds. I think older women look better with a few more curves rather than angles.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, now I get to have my rant about Antonia I'm-Only-On-TV-Because-My-Sister-Is-Famous Kidman.

Her television presenting skills absolutely suck balls. She's robotic and uncharismatic in the extreme. She clearly got the gig because the network was wetting itself about all the Hollywood interviews she could snare through her connections. It really is bloody shameful when there are 100's - 1000's of really talented people out there trying to get a break. Yeah so she won an Astra award - Big Freaking Deal! Its not like there's a huge pool to choose from. I actually dislike her more than her sister.

And she's stupid looking to boot.

Thats all.


Choice said...

Frewt - I dont think she actually won the Astra award, but she was a nominee. So looks like alot of people agree with you about her 'dull as dishwater' presenting skills. Know you can see why she looks so unhappy. She lost!

Anonymous said...

She won the Astra Award for favourite female tv personality in 2008. This year she was a nominee -amongst other outstanding talent such as Kim McCosker from the cooking show '4 Ingredients' and Charlotte Bitch-Face Dawson from Top Model. Basically, EVERY female personality on subscription TV is nominated so winning hardly an achievement to crow about.


cricket said...

Damn I'll have to flip a coin to see which one is uglier.Old Nic or Antonia. No wonder neither one can hang on to a husband. I wonder if Stephan King was looking at a picture of the Kidman sisters when he wrote Bag Of Bones.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to be a bit cruel but in these pictures Antonia looks "sick". She really needs to put on a LITTLE weight. Being skinny can make some people look very ill and worse than being overweight. Nicole is slim but "toned". Antonia just looks washed out. The dark eye makeup doesn't help. A little more weight on both would make them look much more normal and healthier.


Nicole's sister gives away her true eye color.