Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nicole back to doing commercials

Remember the sparkling soda drink commercial in India? Remember the Chanel 69 commercial she did before they dropped her? Well folks, fame-whore attention seeking Nicole is back doing commercials in an attempt to broaden her international horizons. Not content with cameos in movies (e.g. the new Jennifer Aninston/Jason Sandler flick), Nicole has just starred in a commercial promoting a new shopping mall in Brazil. Yes, Brazil! Would you agree that she has had her lips pumped up again?

Check it out here and let us know if the lips, hair and whatever have had a helping hand AGAIN!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's going on with Bella Cruise?

Left photos: Nicole with Bella on their annual catch-up
Right photo: Bella with her other mother, Katie Holmes-Cruise

Rumours persist that Bella Cruise wants to move in with Nicole and Keith. Why? Obviously the teenager has forgotten what a lousy cook Nicole is.

According to various sources, Bella is fed up with life at home with Katie and Tom. Most importantly, she no longer wants to be part of that hideous thing called Scientology. Seriously, who could blame the poor kid for wanting to get out of that brainwashing institution. And who could blame her for wanting to get away from that couch jumping loser father, Tom Cruise?

Perhaps moving in with Nicole and Keith ain't such a bad idea. Do you think it will work out for Bella, or will she end up being a bitter and twisted adult one day?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Watch out New York!

Rather than donate GENEROUS amounts of money to charities, the Kurbans have decided to invest in MORE real estate. In their endeavour to own an abode in every major city, the rich pair have now bought up in New York. The $12m NY apartment is fairly posh, with stunning Hudson River views, and an elevator to accommodate their car (AKA sky garage). That way they can avoid the Paparazzi by driving straight into the lift and up to their apartment. Actually, they don't really need this car elevator since the Paps are no longer interested in them anymore ... right?

Check out these photos, and think to yourself - why does she need another property? Not long ago, Nicole bought two places in Australia which she never stays at (one in Lavender Bay: Sydney, and one huge homestead in Sutton Forrest: NSW Country). Watch out New York, you just got a pretentious neighbour moving in.

Do you think Kidman is undeservedly rich? Do you think she should keep buying properties with all the money she makes from those flop movies.  Or should she return that money to the film industry, or at least give it all to charities. C'mon, it's time she knew that being filthy rch just isn't cool when you don't deserve it. Nicole, you can't take it with you when you go ...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is Nicolas Cage doing a Charlize/Gwyneth?

Who will save the day?

Remember when Kidman was all set to start filming THE DANISH GIRL with Charlize Theron? Remember when Charlize pulled out? Then Gwyneth Paltrow stepped in to replace Charlize. However, not long after, Gwyneth pulled out too. THE DANISH GIRL remains on hold.

In another post, we mentioned that Kidman was set to start filming a thriller called TRESPASS with Nicolas Cage this month. Nicolas was cast to play Kidman's husband, but apparently pulled out of the film just days ago. The word is that he didn't want to play that character, preferring the role of the abductor. Anyway, the lastest news is that he has rejoined the cast, for whatever reason. Contract stuff, perhaps?  There is still time to pull out again, Nicolas.

Do you wonder if it has anything to do with her continued slump in the earnings list. Just yesterday, reports came through that Kidman continues to fall in the pay list of Hollywood actors, and is no longer in the Top 10. Once able to command $18 million for a film, Kidman would be lucky to command 18 cents these days. With a string of flops behind her, is it any real surprise? Even distributors are avoiding touching her still unreleased film THE RABBIT HOLE.

Is her new Agent working hard to enough to turn things around for Kidman?  Will she ever return to being an overpaid actor?  And what about Nicolas Cage? Is he making a mistake being connected with box office poison ... or is he one too?