Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's going on with Bella Cruise?

Left photos: Nicole with Bella on their annual catch-up
Right photo: Bella with her other mother, Katie Holmes-Cruise

Rumours persist that Bella Cruise wants to move in with Nicole and Keith. Why? Obviously the teenager has forgotten what a lousy cook Nicole is.

According to various sources, Bella is fed up with life at home with Katie and Tom. Most importantly, she no longer wants to be part of that hideous thing called Scientology. Seriously, who could blame the poor kid for wanting to get out of that brainwashing institution. And who could blame her for wanting to get away from that couch jumping loser father, Tom Cruise?

Perhaps moving in with Nicole and Keith ain't such a bad idea. Do you think it will work out for Bella, or will she end up being a bitter and twisted adult one day?


Anonymous said...

Like most Hollywood children, she will end up being pissed off at the world. Can't wait to read her "tell all" book. I imagine it will come out when shes about 25 years old.

Hope she spills some juicy dirt on her mommie dearest.

whatchasayy said...

Wow like this kid...got a mind of her own...bet she compares her upbringing to that of Suri with her $3 million haute couture wardrobe budget and realizes she's been short-changed big time (she always looked appalachian (poor) growing up whether by choice or not)...but choosing NK as a lesser of two evil parents...must be pretty bad at tommy's

Anonymous said...

Most have said that story is nothing but a rumor. Bella has been seen all summer with Katie. Whatever you think of Tom Cruise, by all accounts, hes a good father to all his children.

Have to wonder who planted this story in the first place. Interesting that its about Bella not liking Katie and wanting out of Scientology. Not a word against Tom.

And by the way, if Bella wanted to live with her mother, by California law, she is old enough to chose to do that. She wouldn't have to wait until shes 18.

Laura said...

Where there is smoke there is fire Mikki. This rumour wont go away, I remember reading some stuff about this at least 6 months ago. Tom is trying to make Isabella stay in SOC, and she knows it isn't cool to be part of that crap. I also heard that Tom does not want her to move in with the Kurbans because of Keith's drug past. What Tom says, goes. Didn't you know Tom was a control freak.
Mikki you made me laugh saying that Tom is a good parent. What planet are you on? You a brainwashed American too? Where I live (Ireland), we think all Americans are way over the top. You're all nuts! And eat too much too. Fattest people on the earth (except for Katie Holmes).

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for Bella I could cry. well, not really ... but I do feel sorry for her. I bet she wishes she could have grown up in a normal household, not some weird shit Hollywood home with a skinny Aussie rake for a mother.

whatchasayy said...

...both adopted kids Bella in particular have the looks and bearing that are particularly homely...yeah, genetics play a large part of that but ugly filthy rich kids still look rich...makes you wonder how they got so trailor looking in spite of the privileged and affluent upbringing...that of suri's and sundry's are already considerably different, they look scrubbed and fashionable...second Anon 10:54pm, can't wait for those adopted kids to write an expose

Anonymous said...

Well Laura, believe what you want about Tom Cruise but no one has ever disputed that he is a good father to his children. Unlike NK who many have questioned for not being involved in Bella and Connors lives since she allowed them to live with their father full time five years ago.

Both Bella and Connor, by law, are at the ages to move in with their mother anytime they chose. Yet neither has. Nor have they been photographed with NK since May of 07'. There are however, many pictures of them with Tom and Katie.

And by the way, Tom and Nicole have "joint custody" of those children. They lived with her after the divorce. Your so smart, maybe you can tell us how they ended up with Tom full time and why their mother doesn't see them. LA is full of paparazzi. Surely one would have snapped a picture of her with her kids if she were ever with them. But instead, whenever NK is in LA we see photos of Bella in NY (or somewhere else) with Katie.

Yeah, where theres smoke theres fire. And perhaps that smoke screen is coming out of the Kidman camp to silence the "how come shes never with her adopted kids" statements coming from the public.

Not interested in your personal opinions of Americans Laura.

Mae said...

Nicole looks terrible in those photos with Isabella. That's when her hair was grey/blonde. Hardly a beauty in these photos. She sure don't know how to do herself up in public.

whatchasayy said...

Seriously question NK's age. People in her past professional and personal histories don't mean a thing, we all grew up with people taking them in as peers but some were older, others considerably but played with them the same...and these old people, dunno about you but never took serious interest in age to find out by how many years, etc. Don't we all have those? She obviously wasn't good in school, who knows she may have flunked a few, started school late, whatever. Overwhelming shots of her from earlier this decade showed her as aging or much older than how old she's going by...plastic surgery appears to have perfected in recent years. Do see rework done to aging celebrities that are more subtle and tastefully definite improvements...thinks her reworks fall in this category and not as laughable or shockingly ugly or hag like before.

Anonymous said...

whatchasayy, surely if NK were lying about her age it would have come out. Especially in OZ where she was raised.

As to her appearance, she got hammered for the botox and fillers and it appeared that she had some work done in 09' - possibly a face lift - to get away from the botox. She also removed that "worm" from her upper lip and got a better procedure done.

Choice said...

Mikki - do you think she's had cheekbone work done? (like it appears in the photo right hand corner of this blog).

Anonymous said...

Choice, many believe she has not only had cheek implants but a chin implant as well. (She has that sculptured look). For someone so thin as NK is, it would surely show in her face without fillers or implants of some kind. The logical answer is, she used botox, fillers and lip procedures to the extreme. Why not implants or any other procedure available to keep her looking young? She certainly doesn't fear any of it.

whatchasayy said...

Although when this ad was made is unknown, a link provided by a UM blogger (hoosier) now shows nk in Brazil shopping mall ad with her surgeried mouth area (sure smiles a lot now and not so gummy) with brazil trying to be pouty lips full-blown on a middle-aged broad. Hope we don't get subjected to this bs in NicCage movie...once again as in australia the movie, her lips took on a dimension and character of their own...they were for me THE focal point of her face................

Anonymous said...

Poor Bella. She got hit by the ugly stick plus has to live in a looney family. Maybe she should go find her birth mother and escape from the Scientology nuts!

Choice said...

Whatchasay - those lips in Australia were just atrocious. Why Baz even let her get away with that, and the botoxed forehead is unbelievable. Who could forget the rumours that the film editors had to go and digitally enhance her expressions? Crazy that she would rather look like a frozen idiot than use her real face which is what actors are meant to do ...

Mikki - Nicole Kidman and Heidi Montag would be able to swap surgery stories.

Anonymous said...

No Choice, according to NK shes completely "natural" remember. She'll never admit her plastic surgeries to anyone!

Laura said...

omigod. That photo of Bella on the right is awful. The girl is so fat now, I'm surprised Tom allows that.

I doubt image conscious Nicole would want to be seen with a fat daughter. That is the real reason you never seen photos of Nicole with Isabella.

Finally we have the reason! It has nothing to do with scientology .... but the kid being too fat for Nashville sightings.

whatchasayy said...

Laura: omigod. That photo of Bella on the right is awful.

She almost looks mentally challenged......or a borderline case

Anonymous said...

Whatchasay I agree with you. Bella almost looks retarted in that photo on the right. Always thought she looked a bit weird. Do you reckon that is why they got to adopt her so quickly? Discounted price?

Anonymous said...

and I meant to add ... Bella is one ugly kid. Wrong hairstyle girl. Looks like she is a tomboy.

whatchasayy said...

With both parents in show business, one would have thought either one could suggest a total makeover and weight loss for this TEENAGER...she also has to know...and not easy to look so fugly. The kid also doesn't seem to want to go attractive (with accessories, stuff teens do to look pretty or make a statement....) Maybe she is lame....

A440 said...

Laura, I read on a blog long ago that Nicole refused to let a younger relative of Keith appear in the wedding party because she was too fat. The impression I got was that this girl was on the young side.

Anonymous said...

Just because Bella is the daughter of celebrities doesn't mean she isn't a regular person. So what if she's not a skinny minny like Nicole. I say thank goodness she has some meat on her. She doesn't seem all caught up in image like her Mom. Why does everyone have to say such cruel things about her. She's still a kid. Cut her some slack.

As far as not getting along with Katie, she is currently spending time with her in Toronto. They went to an amusement park and seemed to be having a good time together. I think Nicole's camp has made up the story about Bella's unhappiness and wanting to live with her. Why would Bella want to move to Nashville when Nicole is hardly ever there.

I think the whole story is bogus.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked at how fat that kid is now. And she looks like a boy. However, we don't want her becoming anorexic like her mum Nicole, so we should encourage her to keep eating. Or wear more suitable clothes. Did you see her FAT LEGS? Far out.

whatchasayy said...

Hey, I don't know about you, the kid needs to go anoerxic fast...she's spending her teen years in the dumps, has to, looking like that...or likely hangs around with freakish looking tommy fansies at Scientology, she may just be the prettiest freak, err, geek there.....

A440 said...

Come on, people. Ease up on the fat comments. It's sad that she's put on too much weight, and there is no way she's comfortable with her body. It's hard to be heavy, and even harder as a teen.

No doubt she feels overlooked. While Katie seems kindly, she's preoccupied with Suri, Tom and her own career. And Bella spent years being ignored by Nicole and barely fitting into Tom's free time slots.

So ease up. Bella deserves sympathy, and not contempt.

Laura said...

Ease up u say A440?. I've seen alot of the comments you put on Urban Myths and it aint sweet. I admit that Isabelly is an innocent party in all this, but peopl were just commenting on her weight, that's all.

Getting back to the point of this discussion. I heard today, and it is probably not new: Tom will not allow her near Keith because of his drug past. That is the real reason you never see Isabelly and Connor with the Kurbans.

Anonymous said...

About the boob job picture on the left...hey, they're still too big for her scary skeletal frame and remember her tummy, it's abnormally tubular swollen & NO, tommy wouldn't care less about her boobs period...he's into another appendage not found on females... givemeabreak

Choice said...

Anon 4:41pm. You trying to imply that Tom may like men? He has denied it over and over. Remember, what Tom says, goes.

Well, maybe we could check out Mimi Rogers book and see what she says. These gay rumours just won't go away!

A440 said...

Yeah, Laura, ease up, says I.

I've never come down on any of the kids or Katie. They've done nothing contemptible in my book. Kunk and Tom are another story. They're adults who have decided to live a public life. The last time I checked, the kids had no say in that decision.

Bella being overweight is simply too easy a target.

Laura said...

A440: Don't you think it is Tom and Katie's responsibility to ensure Bella does not get fat? If they fed her properly and made her exercise she would not be fat. There is no excuse for her being this fat. Agree?

A440 said...

There is no excuse for her being this fat. Agree?


But there are explanations.

1. Bella is what?...17 years old now? She is responsible for what she eats. Not Tom and not Katie. They're responsible for making healthy food/living an example. At 17, that's the best they can do.

2. Bella may be tangling with genetics helping her bring the weight on. If that's the case, she's got a fight on her hands and she'll be at war with her body for the rest of her life.

3. She may be an emotional eater. (Can't imagine why...)

4. She may not be an emotional eater. She may simply enjoy food and hate exercise.

Remember, Bella hasn't always been this heavy. And she DOES have a history of participating in soccer.

Having said that, my complaint is that people are not just "commenting" on Bella's weight. They're mocking this young woman because they can. One poster decided she "almost looks retarted" [sic], then described her as "weird." Then went on to add that she's "ugly." Someone else decided to throw "fugly" into the mix.

It's beyond cruel. This young woman deserves sympathy. Not derision.

To get back on point, this blog is about Nicole and HER decisions and life. Not a blog dedicated to shredding her teen daughter for being overweight. It's just too easy to make Bella a punching bag.

Talk about a cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

My supposition about the weight gain of Bella now, and Tom Cruise his first year with Katie is sugar. Urban said Kidman doesn't cook with oil or sugar.

When I've seen Kidman eating out, and I have several times, she only ever eats salads without dressing or egg white omelettes.

Additionally, Cruise stated in an Oprah interview that when Kate met his children, she arrived with a huge box of cupcakes and his children were bug eyed. He then stated they asked his permission if they could eat the cupcakes.

When teens asks permission to eat cake, you know they have always asked permission and were raised on healthy fare with sugar a rare treat. Cruise then stated his house has been filled with cupcakes and sugar ever since.

Finally, I don't follow Holmes, but without following her, I can say I have seen her feeding Suri nothing but sugar. That child is photographed eating dessert in public almost every time the child is seen.

Cruise was a pudge for quite a while after dagting Katie for a while, then went on a mega diet training spurt.

It seems Connor also became pudgy after Holmes arrived.

Since this is a hate Kidman site, I can imagine she is quite annoyed that after raising healthy eaters, they are now all sugar fiends.

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Anonymous said...

Just happened upon this site & was really disgusted to see all the "Nicole bashing" from people who don't personally know the woman (myself included) - and to dedicate a web site to doing it yet!

No one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors of these stars, but one thing is pretty clear - whenever you see photos of Kati Holmes in general and often of her with Tom or Bella, she looks totally depressed, which would indicate that something's not right there on all counts.

Be real people, Bella looks like a normal teenager - she's going through that awkward stage that everyone goes through and she's not a fashion plate ... oh well, good for her. Maybe there's more to the girl than just caring about how she looks. (I'm guessing that all those making nasty comments on this blog don't look like Katie or Suri, so shame on you - How would you feel if someone was critiquing your looks or your child's?)

And as far as Nicole as a Mom, almost every shot that you see taken of her and Bella, they're both smiling. There's no doubt in my mind that Nicole is a great Mom, given all that I've heard and read about her.

She has also revealed in a couple of interviews (since their divorce) how controlling Tom Cruise was/is and there's been some pretty convincing info that has come out saying that he's basically threatened her into complying with his terms with the kids regarding Scientology and custody ... I wouldn't doubt it - Lets face it people, he may be a nut, but he's one of the richest, most powerful actors in Hollywood. Your hair would probably stand on end to know all that he's put both Nicole and Katie through. Have a little compassion for your own gender.

And as far as the home that Nicole and Keith Urban have built for themselves in TN, well, by all counts from many locals, they are very kind and generous people and good people. And it's clear how much they love each other (from photos and interviews) and how much they love their biological daughter, as well as Bella & Connor.

I look at Keith Urban as a person who's trying hard to turn his life around and more power to him. He's been free of alcohol and drugs for 4 years now and has a wife that has totally supported him through it all. We should all be so lucky to have someone that loves us that much ... As far as I'm concerned, they're both setting a great example for others with addiction problems (and their spouses).

Sorry for venting, but with so many horrible examples out there for us and our children in the entertainment industry, I hate to see people that are trying to live a clean, decent and respectable life get put through the ringer ... why not start a blog about Madonna or Brittany or Paris? ... Now there are some girls that I wouldn't want my daughter to grow up to be like. But to be like Nicole, I'd be proud.

Anonymous said...

Nicole and tom adopted the kids for a publicity stunt, Nicole changed their names to bella and connor,she has never had any respect or value for those children other than publicity.

Nicoles exact words were on adopting the kids were HOW LUCKY THE KIDS WERE TO GET HER AS A MUMMY.
she really doesnt care about being a bad actress or an evil step mother she really doesnt care what anyone says SHES GOT MONEY and that is as deep as nicole gets....
The kids should be happy with getting paid for their role as thier kids after all niclole thinks its better than being atuck in n orphnage at lest they may get some cash

I am sure those kids were stitched up legally when the evil duo adopted them, so it would be good if a lawyer could hook up with bella and connor and look into mummy and daddy for them and get them what they deserve.

it must have hurt the kids when they finally realised how fake nicole is and how she only plays mummy when a new movie is being promoted SAD