Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birds of a feather

If you were a producer of a movie, would you hire two has-been actors as the leads? Furthermore, would you hire two people who can't move their faces because of all the Botox and other crap in their faces?

Well, that is the case with the new film TRESPASS set to start filming in August. There have been rumours flying around about the teaming up of Kidman and Nicolas Cage for this film for awhile. They keep persisting, so we thought we'd include it on here. The two will play a married couple who are held captive by a nasty gang who want lots of money for their return. Good luck trying gang. You are doing everyone a favour by keeping them hostage.

Kidman and Cage might seem like an odd union to most. However there are several things in common that make these two the perfect choice. Firstly, they both love hair pieces. Secondly, they both love plastic surgery. And last, but not least, they both can't act.

The film sounds like a winner. Agree?


Sasha said...

I heard Nicholas Cage got famous becaxuse his uncle was a director and gave him a helping hand. The dude can't act for peanuts, has a weird obession with Elvis Presley and apparently has reptiles in his house.

You missed another thing in common with these two: they are both WEIRD!

Choice said...

SASHA - I gather that is why he went after Lisa Marie Presley. When all the time he could have had Nicole. She was available for ages after Tom dumped her.

whatchasayy said...

Ew, well, Nick Cage also an awarded actor is excellent playing the gotta give him credit for playing one that somehow not totally despise & abandon...really! Loved him & Liz Shue in Leaving LV...was this before LM Presley and other s**t that came out (like "fake" marriage with Pat A, etc.)? Sorry, don't get bad vibes from him...just him, not the skinny, they are indeed both weird though, that's for sure......

Choice said...

Whatchasay -
Without a doubt, Nicolas Cage has had his moments. Spot on about Leaving Las Vegas. A brilliant movie. In recent years though his movies have been over the top shockers. He loves the big action films, doesn't he.

As for his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley: I think it was after Leaving Las Vegas. He was married to Patricia first I think.

I recently read Kathleen Turner's autobiography "Send yourself roses". She talked about working with Cage on "Peggy Sue got married" and said he was a nightmare to work with. He got his own way alot because of who the director was. She told him to his face she would never work with him again. He apparently altered his character completely differently to what was scripted. In a nutshell she said he played the husband like an idiot.

whatchasayy said...

Choice, this is going to be know, he being dynamic, flexible and that creative with the script and her, well you know her, has no imagination and now unable to act (or more accurately, read act with a script)...wish I could be on the set to witness the debacle unfold...

Thought because of her total inability to portray a character (couldn't do it in any of her films, not in Cold Mtn, Australia, Fur, Bewitched, Eyes Wide Shut, etc. etc...nada, zip, non-existent) my guess is her role would be reduced to tightly scripted reparteeing with Nick's character...reprise her role of Peacekeeper, or the only way this celebrity can survive on the set. Nick probably won't stand for it in the way more patient Clooney could. Would not be surprised at all if she quits or another actress takes over her role. Boy, this is going to be fun!!!!!

Choice said...

Whatchasayy - Yes it will be interesting on the set. If Cage's reputation as a demanding arrogant man are anything to go by, she will be in for an unpleasant experience. Maybe then she will finally retire from film.
I have to add, she must be at pretty desperate times to accept a film like this.
And did you notice, still no word on filming for DANISH GIRL. Since Paltrow dropped out, I think Nic is finding it hard to get a replacement. Are you interested?

whatchasayy said...

(HA) Ugh, No Thanks, I like reality (zero tolerance for her kind of intellect besides...yuk) What happened to Uma? Darn, was hoping for an opportuinty to see the skinny cow terms of looks, age, height, talent, coloring, everywhere that she apparently values...Uma too has aged but was indeed a true full-blossomed beauty!

Devilish said...

Nicolas Cag's wig is an absolute joke. It's even more obvious than his stretched skin. This movie will be the biggest laugh, watching these two plasticine idiots as a married couple. BRING IT ON!!!

Sasha said...

In all seriousness, would someone please tell Nicole Kidman to just give it all up. She has enough money! She's claim that she is doing it now for the love of acting and her profession. Profession!!! What crap. She said once she loves the arts and is glad to contribute to it. But we dont want it.
Have to say, my mum really liked her in Dogville. She said she was a good actor in it. My response - the rest of the cast must have been pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Sasha, its not about the money. Its about hanging on to the fame. Thats what gives her status and her privileged lifestyle. To be a part of the select few who visited the Queen of Jordan recently, or to be allowed to testify in front of Congress, just because shes Nicole Kidman. Its not enough just to be rich. She wants to be "somebody". Opening a store for Omega isn't enough. She needs a film career to keep it all going.

Choice said...

Yes she definitely loves to be at the opening of an envelope. Craves attention and any chance to remain a somebody ... despite saying that she is a very, very shy person. We believe her.

maclen said...

Well, I usually do this when it's announced that kidman is to costar with a next up...Nicholas Cage...

4/16/10 Kick-Ass $48,043,505

11/20/09 Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans $1,702,112

3/20/09 Knowing $79,957,634

9/5/08 Bangkok Dangerous $15,298,133

12/21/07 National Treasure: Book of Secrets $219,964,115

4/27/07 Next $18,211,013

4/6/07 Grindhouse
(Cameo) $25,037,897

Ghost Rider $115,802,596

9/1/06 The Wicker Man $23,649,127

8/9/06 World Trade Center $70,278,893

10/28/05 The Weather Man $12,482,775

..of course with the voice animations removed...and out side of a few big action pics...most of these grosses are VERY kidman-esque. Now, the relevant films are "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" with the gross of only $1,702,112 and "The Wicker Man at $23,649,127 gross, because these two films were made by Cage for NU Image/Millenium films, which is also making the upcoming cage/kidman film, Trepass! That is some past history that will surely knock movie goers socks off!

Choice said...

Thank you Maclen for the always welcome analysis. Cage has had an up and down career, hasn't he. The Wicker Man was a pointless remake, and cinema-goers agreed.

I am sure he would still have a healthy fan base, but I wonder how healthy it will remain after he teams up with her.


You just know he was scrambling to get away from Nicole. 1st he switches up his role so he doesn't have to play her husband then he just quits it. He needs the money. So it must really be bad. Having Paltrow & Cage pull out on you = Box Office Poison.